Nursery Decor Trends

Designing nursery wall art is one of the favourite parts of my business. I have a super long list of designs that I want to add to the shop. I could spend hours looking at nursery decor on Pinterest. My "Nursery Decor" Pinterest board has over 800 pins and can be found here.

What do I think are some of the latest nursery decor trends? Here are some of my favorites:

Boy Nursery Themes

Lumberjack Nursery

I think this is a natural progression from the woodlands that have been popular for the past couple years. To get this look, shop for rustic furniture, buffalo plaid, fur rugs and wild animals. Lumberjack themes also make for a super fun themed birthday party. (That's what I did for my little guys' first birthday party)

Check out this lumberjack nursery set here.




Scandinavian minimalist

This trend pairs well with black and white, soft, clean lines and natural wood furniture. Babies really don’t need much so Scandinavian design is perfect for the minimalist baby.

Find more minimalist prints from my shop here.

Animal Nursery

I have to include animals which again plays well with the woodlands themes. Woodlands are still trending but it doesn't have to be just foxes - it’s bears, deers and the whole "woodland family” is popular. The bear has been popping up on everything -  pillows, blankets and, of course, wall prints.  

Farm animals such as goats, cows and rabbits are gaining popularity and look super cute with farmhouse and rustic furniture. 

This giraffe set has been very popular for about 6 months.

Girl Nursery Themes

Feminine Woodlands

Feminine Woodlands is my top choice. Woodlands is not just for boys.  How do you turn woodlands into feminine woodlands? With floral accents! For wall decor, watercolour flowers are still very popular and can be easily added to woodland prints.


Next up, is unicorns. Unicorns are everywhere and not just for nursery decor. They are also super popular with tweens and little girls. There are some beautiful examples online that pair well with feathers and swans. Perfect for the dreamer. I would also add lots of girly frills with your bedding. (Caden Lane offers a wide selection of beautiful bedding. )

Soft Geometrics

This trend could include blush pink with copper or gold accents (blush pink is still trending big time). Another way to make this theme pop is to add marble accents.

Florals Nurseries

Floral are still also trending. I know this is fairly broad but florals are almost always in style. Right now, the flowers are big!

Gender Neutral Nursery Themes

Modern Bohemian

For me, the first thing I think of when I picture a modern boho nursery is a big woven piece. Head to Etsy and search "woven wall hanging" to find some amazing options. And plants. Plants are a must. 


Yes, neutral are popular with neutral nurseries. Kinda obvious eh? A neutral color palette can be gorgeous! Perhaps you want to go with very soft grays and lots of white. My only problem with this theme is what do you do when Nana gives you an adorable bright coloured stuffy that you HAVE to add to the room. It leaves very little room to go outside of the color palette if you are going for something like this, although still gorgeous!

How gorgeous is this nursery by House of Hire? You can follow her on Instagram here.

These are some of my current favourite nursery decor trends. What are your favourites?


nursery decor trends 

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