Decorate Your Little One's Nursery With Mermaid Wall Art

Decorate Your Little One's Nursery With Mermaid Wall Art

Mermaids are very popular in nurseries and girls’ bedrooms. A fantasy world, dazzling colors and powerful characters, what more could a girl want? At Wall + Wonder, we have several prints of mermaids and sea animals, and you can find the full mermaid wall art collection here. Wall Prints are an easy way to add to a theme of a bedroom or nursery. But what about the rest of the room? Here are some ideas for decorating a mermaid nursery or little girl's room.
When looking for mermaid decor, a few popular color schemes include aqua/teal, pink/purple and a little sparkle. To help you get started, here are a few ideas for your mermaid nursery decor.
Mermaid Pillow: Let's start with a handmade mermaid pillow from Etsy. A pillow with an illustrated mermaid is perfect for a nursery or girl's bedroom. It's adorable and full of pastel colors, such as pink, purple and blue.

Mermaid Crib Bedding: I absolutely love this teal and coral mermaid crib set. It features small illustrated mermaids over an aqua background for a fun look. The bedding would look great with my Mermaid and Seahorse prints, which you can find here.

Mermaid nursery crib sheet
Mermaid Sequin Pillows: Sequin pillows are another big trend for nurseries and girls’ bedrooms, and they're great for adding a little sparkle to your mermaid nursery decor. You can find sequin pillows adorned in mermaid illustrations or solid colors.
mermaid pillow
Mermaid Bureau Knobs: Sometimes a small addition makes a big difference, so why not add these adorable knobs to the bureau? You can choose from a coral, seashell and mermaid tail design, as well as solid-colored knobs to match.
The knob colors are similar to my Mermaid Dream Higher prints.

Mermaid wall art is perfect for creating a gallery of these beautiful characters. The best part is you can find frames in different sizes. If you want to know what size is popular at Wall + Wonder, that would be the 8×10 prints.

Of course, you may want to add elements other than wall prints to your gallery wall. If this is the case, consider the following items.

Mermaid Garland: Mermaid garland is not limited to special occasions. I love the colors in this set from Etsy.
mermaid garland

Mermaid Wooden Cut Out: There's something about wooden elements that add a touch of warmth to a room, so consider a mermaid wooden cut out like this for a cozy nursery.
mermaid wall decor

Wall Decals: For impact, try a wall decal. A quick Google search will find tons of mermaid vinyl wall decal like this one from Project Nursery.

mermaid decal

Here are a few more items to consider for your little girl's nursery or bedroom.

Mermaid Baby Quilt: A mermaid quilt is a fun way to keep your baby warm. Depending on your color scheme, you may find this quilt is a good choice for mermaid nursery decor that's less sparkly and more neutral.
mermaid quilt

Mermaid Bamboo Swaddle Blanket: This is not only a comfortable blanket for your baby, but the blush pink and gray color scheme will look great with your decor, including your mermaid wall art. It even features adorable mermaids and sea animals.

mermaid swaddle blanket
Mermaid Doll: Every nursery or girl's bedroom needs a doll, and this cute little mermaid is no exception. She's handmade and full of bright colors.
Mermaid doll
Shelf Decor: Adding a few books, some pictures and knick knacks will stylize the shelf in your mermaid room. Start by adding these whimsical mermaid peg dolls
mermaid peg dolls
Storage: Storage in a nursery is a must. These fabric bins from Wayfair will give you all the mermaid vibes. Made from canvas, these bins are fun and functional!
When you're finished decorating your little one's nursery or bedroom, reward yourself with a delicious mermaid tail chocolate bar.
There are a number of options in the mermaid wall art collection, but you also have the option to mix and match the prints. All you need to do is contact me here and let me know which prints and sizes you have in mind.
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