Woodlands Monthly one-piece Stickers - Girl 1-12 Months


Woodlands nurseries are very popular right now. These monthly baby stickers are a great way to show off your baby's monthly milestones! You will receive 12 PRE-CUT baby stickers. You simply peel and stick to a shirt, or any thing for that matter. Create lasting memories with these adorable stickers. This is a great way to capture your babies growth. Makes a memorable baby shower gift. Peel, stick and click a pic!

These particular stickers are cute woodland creatures, including the very popular fox! There are 7 different animals features and all stickers have a different pattern. These stickers are printed on a high quality printer. These are intended for one time use as a photography prop. They are not permanent.

Here are a few tips for taking great monthly photos:
- Use natural light
- Keep the background simple
- Take the picture in the same spot each month but use a toy or something to measure their growth against.
- Take ALOT of pictures. :)